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commentry on the handsmaid tale - 1141 Words

This novel is an account of the near future, a dystopia, wherepollution and radiation has rendered countless women sterile, and the birthrates of North America are dangerously declining. A puritan theocracy nowcontrols the former United States called the Republic of Gilead andHandmaids are recruited to repopulate the state. This novel containsAtwoods strong sense of social awareness, as seen in the use of satire tocomment on different social conditions in the novel. The HandmaidsTale is a warning to young women of the post-feminist 1980s and after,who began taking for granted the rights that had been secured for womenby the women before them. The environmental danger of pollution and radiation run off from powerplants is commented on†¦show more content†¦She explained later toOffred that he was no rapist, only a member of the undergroundrebellion. She wanted to end his suffering. Due to the lack open rebellion, Offreds society is faced with thecomplete loss of freedom. Women are now forbidden any kind ofcommunication. They have to lead a life of servitude and are stripped of allpersonal possessions, of their families, and finally their identities. Theyare all replaceable, categorized objects, Handmaids who are deemedinfertile are sent to the colonies to die. The women are also made to wearuniforms and are named to be defined in their relation to men, forexample Offred serves Fred, and his wife is known only as Wife. Theuniforms in Gilead categorize each group by colour, this serves to segregatethem, like the Jews during World War II. The Wives, who are the higheston the list, wear only light blue. The Handmaids must wear red and theMarthas wear brown. The men all wear similar military uniforms. TheHandmaids uniform is reminiscent of women in the Middle East, becausethey are made to hide the womens bodies and prevent them from beingseen: quot;I get up out of the chair, advance my feet into the sunlight, in theirred shoes, flat-heeled to save the spine and not for dancing. The redgloves are lying on the bed. I pick them up, pull them onto my hands,finger by finger. Everything except the wings around my face is red:the

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67 Causal Essay Topics to Consider

A causal essay is much like a cause-and-effect essay, but there may be a subtle difference in the minds of some instructors who use the term causal essay for complex topics and cause-and-effect essay for  smaller or more straightforward papers. However, both terms describe essentially the same type of essay and the goal of each is the same: to come up with a list of events or factors (causes) that bring about a certain outcome (effect). The key question in such an essay is, How or why did something happen? It is important to make a clear connection between each cause and the ultimate effect. Potential Causes The most common problem students face in writing the causal essay is running out of causes to talk about.  It is helpful to sketch out an outline before you begin writing the first draft of your outline. Your essay should include a strong introduction, good transition statements, and a well-crafted conclusion. Topics to Consider You can use a topic from this list, or use the list as inspiration for your own idea. What conditions and events led to the Great Depression?What prompts a change in fashion trends?Why do some people fear the dark?How did some dinosaurs leave footprints?What causes criminal behavior?What causes people to rebel against authority?What conditions lead to powerful hurricanes?What developments led to regional accents in the United States?Why do good students become truant?What causes war?What factors can lead to birth defects?How are car insurance rates determined?What factors can lead to obesity?What can cause evolution to occur?Why does unemployment rise?Why do some people develop multiple personalities?How does the structure of the Earth change over time?What factors can cause bulimia nervosa?What makes a marriage fail?What developments and conditions led to the Declaration of Independence?What led to the decline of the automobile industry?What factors led to the decline of the Roman Empire?How did the Grand Canyon form?Why did slavery replace indentured servitude in th e American colonies?How has popular music been affected by technology?How has racial tolerance changed over time?What led to the dot-com bubble burst?What causes the stock market to fall?How does scarring occur?How does soap work?What causes a surge in nationalism?Why do some bridges collapse?Why was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?How did we get the various versions of the Bible?What factors led to unionization?How does a tsunami form?What events and factors led to womens suffrage?Why did electric cars fail initially?How do animals become extinct?Why are some tornadoes more destructive than others?What factors led to the end of feudalism?What led to the Martian Panic in the 1930s?How did medicine change in the 19th century?How does gene therapy work?What factors can lead to famine?What factors led to the rise of democratic governments in the 18th century?How did baseball become a national pastime in the United States?What was the impact of Jim Crow laws on black citizens in the United States?What factors led to the growth of imperialism?Why did the Salem witch trials take place?How did Adolf Hitler come to power?What can cause damage to your credit?How did the conservationism start?How did World War I start?How do germs spread and cause illness?How do people lose weight?How does road salt prevent accidents?What makes some tires grip better than others?What makes a computer run slowly?How does a car work?How has the news industry changed over time?What created Beatlemania?How did organized crime develop?What caused the obesity epidemic?How did grammar rules develop in the English language?Where do political parties come from?How did the Civil Rights movement begin?

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Case Study of Architect Perumal Free Essays

Ar. Perumal has experiences range from planing, managing and oversing solid waste thermic works, instruction installations, commercial and industrial edifice and retail mercantile establishments. His professional experience engaged him in the design and supervising of building undertakings in Malaysia were non needfully trained in a separate architecture plan in an academic scene. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study of Architect Perumal or any similar topic only for you Order Now Alternatively, he is trained under established designers. Prior to his battle in Architecture, there is a distinguishable theory and understanding behind his political orientation and construct in his attack, his squad of applied scientists and his client, and the experient that he used varied depending on geographical location. Therefore, his house engaged him in pull stringsing a design via the basic construct of design, geographically incorporate and reacting to the clime on site. This is what made Ar. Perumal particular in the field of Architecture. ARCHITECTURAL THEORY Ar. Perumal designed for the largest hypermarket concatenation in Malaysia, the Mydin Hypermarket and Warehouse distribution centre in USJ. The distribution centre design and building was overseen by the Mydin adviser squad with regard to timely completion of the plants during the building works. However, to guarantee the quality of the building, the plants were sub contracted under NSC for better pricing and quality plants under a Main Contractor. In this building, the design, finance, and legal facets is taken inconsiderateness by Ar. Perumal. Hence, the design is non merely structurally appropriate for the usage and location, it is design in regard to the fiscal demands and legality of the site. Hence, the construction is integrated into the surrounding by planing in a unit of ammunition model of Architecture. Besides, as efficiency of the edifice has caught the eyes of his client, Ar Perumal implements his construct of Architecture and building cognition to plan this edifice. His houses provided a field on the cutting border of the newest methods of building intended to better efficiency, public presentation and overall theory of the edifice. In facets of design theory, Ar. Perumal, besides known as an designer who systematically pushes the ecological facet in his architectural design manner, this pushes the ability to plan by stressing the environmental impact of the edifice in relation to the site context of Mydin. This lead to the new boundary country outside the reinforced country which is influenced by the ecology, which test the bounds of his ecological theory. This so lead to a heightened grasp for the diverseness of ecological phenomena in an urban context, theoretical and analytically legit attacks to the design of the site. Hence, the arrangement and orientation of the edifice are all appropriate which is so influenced by the penchant of the client. Hence, this creates an empirical infinite which made the site sustainable and reduces pollution during building. Harmonizing to Ar. Perumal on his design of Mydin, he mentioned that his work experiments with houses to be sustainable, of course from land, embodied with ecological design such as H2O comes straight from land without JPA and it is self-sustainable. However, an off-grid power supply is non seen in Mydin. Hence, in this instance survey of Mydin, sustainability is seen on how his arrangement of data point of systems remain diverse and productive which is present in his floor programs. The facade designs are illustrations of an reading of an individuality which is present in the Malayan tradition. In more general footings, his construct of sustainability is embedded in the endurance and individuality devising of systems and processes to how a human interact with the infinite within the edifice. This so forms the base rule for Mydin design which includes the four distinctive values on its lift. It is the ecological, economic, societal and civilization perceptual experience of the Mydin Hypermarket. Architect Perumal sustainable design is besides to chair in usage of stuffs, energy and development infinite. Besides, it minimized the negative environmental impact of edifices by efficiency. Hence, the development of Mydin supermarket shows an attack to plan in architecture uses a witting attack to energy and ecological preservation in design of the environment. â€Å"Preservation of one’s wellness and soundness, † said Architect Perumal is a definition that is extracted from a book he read, an action to conserver bing status in any signifier and by any agencies is necessary for a sustainable attack on Earth. He wants his development of solutions to protect the ways of Earth’s biological diverseness in the urban context and he starts with the design of the Mydin supermarket. Geography The 2nd factor which influences Ar. Perumal is the geographical factor. As known the Mydin Hypermarket is located which is a sub urban context about 20km of the metropolis centre of Kuala Lumpur. It local context consist of leisure, diversion, lodging down all the manner to industrialise country. Facing, Persiaran Subang Permai, it is strategically located in the commercial territory of USJ. Hence, the edifice responded to the biggest route nearby which is the Lebuhraya Shah Alam. This makes both site context and the industries branding to hold a important impact alongside Persiaran Subang Permai. The survey on site which is done by Ar. Perumal, surveyed a evaluation for across five classs for this site â€Å" experience. † To be induced into the community of USJ instead than a edifice standalone on site. The intent is to make an terminal end for the community in footings of permeableness of advertisement and apposition of the edifice to assist the client in warranting their p lace as a â€Å" premium † stock list beginning as a hypermarket. Besides, planing Mydin via site context had been slippery plenty. It is needed to react to the nearby Segi College Subang Jaya which locates beside the Giant hypermarket. Hence, this made it interesting an interesting remote feeling thought by Ar. Perumal. Hence, he obtained information through the signifier of infographic while planing to geography, the informations and picture taking on site which assisted him in design via site context which made it possible to hike the visibleness of Mydin. Hence, the survey came in many signifiers such as head function, aerial imagination, and local study which deemed the angle of gap of the Mydin Hypermarket in USJ. Ar. Perumal besides emphasized the mapmaking ability of an designer must be strong plenty to understand the symbols and gestures of the site which made it more alive instead than a dead piece of land for an designer. The arrangement of the burden bay and the front lift is reasonably a behavioral psychological science that induces cl ients to map their motion inside and outside the edifice base one’s perceptual experience. Ar Perumal believes that a design is controlled by the clime. Which the clime which so transform the signifier to either protect from or reap the natural force of Mother Nature. Hence, the incorporation of Mydin into the USJ site will find what workss will turn at that place for green design, and how people will see it. However, he did non acquire a opportunity to plan a green roof for Mydin. Despite all that, Ar Perumal take in the three constituents to his green design attack which is the climatic response, workss and animate beings which are interwoven to make the cloth of a biome. Hence, the sunglight, north point and rainfall of USJ is of import to play with the materiality and gaps of the edifice on site. Climate Taking in consideration of the site, USJ has a tropical rain forest clime with no dry season. The country within 25 stat mis of this station is covered by croplands ( 73 % ) , oceans and seas ( 12 % ) , shrublands ( 9 % ) , and woods ( 5 % ) which have an mean day-to-day high temperature during May. This controls the gap and design of Mydin entranceway itself. Besides, the consideration of cold season during November to January takes no consequence to the edifice design as the mean tropical Malayan temperature is more or less the same throughout the whole twelvemonth. Therefore, doing it a significant edifice standing alongside the chief streets of USJ. While taking in consideration of the edifice scientific disciplines in USJ, Ar Perumal plays with the decrease of urban heat island consequence. He wants to cut down the hazard to human wellness in the built environment which is to cut down the consequence of it by take downing the temperature. At times, the site can confront a H2O deficit yarn as a consequence of reduced rainfall and seeks to counter it with environmental friendly methods. Hence, he proposed systems of options for extenuating clime alteration and their implicit in technological, economic and institutional demands to his client. This cut down the hazards, its uncertainness and ethical foundations of clime alteration extenuation on the site. He farther investigates extenuation steps for all major sectors and buttockss investing and finance issues so that it does non impact the verve and productiveness of the edifice itself. Ar Perumal captures value for his plants in Mydin for an promotion in his acknowledgment to originate the thrust and lucidity of the design to convey sure transparence of the market place. Therefore, assisting his client to back up their market place without jeopardizing the environment. As the alterations of the reinforced environment poses new menace to the climatic conditions subconciously, the enterprise to protect yet doing a gratifying reinforced experience without giving an aesthetically delighting edifice is tough but it is a challenge by the designer during his design phase of the Mydin Hypermarket. The character of our landscapes, as a altering clime impacts upon environmental, cultural, societal and economic factors which shape this character impacting the verve and productiveness of flora. Mention: Average Weather For Subang Jaya, Malaysia hypertext transfer protocol: // How to cite Case Study of Architect Perumal, Free Case study samples

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Uk as a Mixed Economy free essay sample

In the light of the change that have occurred in the structure of the UK economy in the recent years, discuss better is it still correct to describe UK economy as a mixed economy. Generally, the British economy is also known as the Anglo-Saxon economy and is the second largest economy in Europe after Germany. It is also the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of market exchange rates. In the early history, the country’s most dominated sector is the agriculture sector in which the most important and major export is of cassiterite which is known as ‘tin’ in Anglo Saxon which gave the country its’ name. UK is also one of the most significant producers of textiles and chemical products. Back in the medieval times (11th century – 15th century), the wool trade was a major industry and was being exported to Europe. From then on, towns and ports grew up and in addition canals and railways began to be built. We will write a custom essay sample on Uk as a Mixed Economy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Another important industrial are automotives, locomotives and aircraft. The UK economy experienced a massive transformation in the 1980’s when the country was under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher where state owned enterprise in the industrial and service sector which since 1940’s had been nationalized were privatized. The British government now only owns very few industries and businesses such as ‘The Royal Mail’. As the country expands, UK underwent a vast passage through civilization and modernization, thus due to that in the 1990’s, UK’s financial sector came into the big screen and played a big role in contributing the country’s outcome revenue. The largest sector in UK is the service sector with the manufacturing and primary sector in decline although the sector is still important for overseas trade, accounting for 83% of UK’s exports. The economy in the recent years has seen the largest period of sustained economic growth for more than 150 years and it is also one of the strongest European Union economies in terms of inflation, interest rates and unemployment all which is relatively low. After such improvement in the UK economy, is it correct to look at the country as a country which practices the mixed economic system still or otherwise? Personally in my opinion, I would indeed look at UK as a country applying the mixed economy concept as both government and firms are involved in determining the future growth and further development of the country in terms of profit and welfare as they are both equally significant.

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Case Study Community Development Principles, Practices and Understandings

It is possible to understand the concept of community through a multiplicity of definitions. The term itself has been in use for a long time now. It helps us understand the whole concept through a range of senses.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study: Community Development Principles, Practices and Understandings specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More From one angle, we view the concept of community as a ‘common people’ who are distinguished from those of rank. As such, this group of commons then defines itself as an organized society. That is, the people of one district. District here will mean anything from a small area or locality to a large area of residence. The distinguishing quality of holding a common thing of interest between the members of the said locality is another distinct feature of community, which helps a person to understand further. This is most evident in a community of interest o r community of goods. To this end, therefore, the said group of people is a community because it shares common identity and their characteristics are similar in terms of its aspirations and activities (Kenny, 2010). In the analysis of the Peake Estate outlined in the extract by Kenny (2010), the various aspirations and activities that the community members are engaged in, clearly, define it as a community build under a multiplicity of functions and interest. As such, in clearly defining the true nature of the community, we cannot use just one point of view in its definitions. What emerges from the analysis of this community is that it has all the elements that qualify it to be viewed as a community of interest, locality and culture. Peake estate is defined this way by first looking at the fact that, these people are residing in one area-this is a high-rise council estate in a low in come suburb in a capital city. The fact that these people live in a low suburb in a capital city give s them a unique characteristic that then clearly defines them as a community of locality.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Their status of low-income earners then cements their definitions. We realize that apart from being a community of culture, the community can still be viewed as community of interest. Why is this so? This is because their aspirations and interest are focused on one common goal of improving their locality by acquiring jobs and learning how to work with computers. The people are joined together by the need to work together and eradicate crime in their locality, be able to educate their children (Christensen et al. 2003). A deep look at the nature of the community described by Kenny, we realize that because of the cultural diversity characterizing this community, characteristics evidenced by various dynamics of the community such as crime, unemployment and absen teeism from school the community cannot be defined as a community of culture. The residents of Peake estate community are aimed at achieving development in their locality. Together with the community organizer Paolo, they seek to develop their various areas of life. As such, the type of development pursued by this community is seen not to be one sided but multifaceted. Why is this so? The answer to this is seen by reviewing their aspirations and activities. The community wants to eradicate crime, move their children from the streets-social development. The community wants to be able to work comfortably among the various cultural underpinning that characterize it.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study: Community Development Principles, Practices and Understandings specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This too, is social development (Julian, 2000). Peake estate has high rate of unemployment. This is the main reas on the children do not go to schools and are in the streets and the young men are bored because they lack anything to do. As such the need to come up with projects to enable the community members earn a living stipulates this as an economic development. This is further proved by the pursuit of Paolo the community organizer in soliciting for the donation of computers to start a computer-learning project. This is directed at killing two birds with one stone-that is offer the community a source of livelihood and gives the youngsters a tool of killing their boredom. This is an activity of interest (Effland, 1998). A keen analysis of the Peake estate reveals a number of development principles that have been used by Paolo and the rest of the community on making the various developments interest a success. These principles as if they emerge include the value principle. It has generally agreed that community development work to support groups, persons and even organizations. This is done be cause of certain values. As such, the core values of a community in its development define the principles as discussed here below; these principles of community development include; social justice, learning and working as one, personal determination, sustaining communities, participation and reflective practice (Putnam, 2000). The pursuance of development principles in community development ensures a successful attainment of the community goals. These principles act as the guidelines to achieving the aspired development. They also come about as the road map to sustainable community development. In reassessing the development involving Peake estate, all the development principles outlined here above come out clearly. All have been taken in to consideration but it is only some that have stood over the others in ensuring develop of the community.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As such, the principle of working together has emerged over the others. Paolo the community organizer has enabled the residents of this estate in believing that working and learning together is an important ingredient in achieving collective and wholesome development. Paolo has demonstrated that collective working together is effective in mobilizing the community members in removing their prejudice based on cultural diversity and instead rechanneling their energy I n the pursuance of a common developmental goal. This is as if they did in successful developing the computer learning a teaching project. In doing this, the community has used this principle in developing a culture of effective decision-making and accountability. This has enabled the community in taking in to consideration all aspects of community in its development. These have included eradicating crime, neutralizing cultural tensions and job creation. In achieving this, the principle has enabled the community embers in effectively sharing good practices and experiences.this has enabled the members of peake estate learn from each other especially in the development of the computer learning project. For example, the foreigner project designer uses his knowledge as a graphic designer in helping the growth of the project. He shares his knowledge with the other community members and this enables them work even better as one unit focused to a seen goal of development. In viewing the nature of community development in regards to the Peake estate and the role of the development principles in achieving the desired development levels, the principle of participation has emerged high. This principle aims at promoting individuals participation as well as the community. This specifically aims at those who are marginalized. In the recognition of this principle, Paolo in Kenny’s extract has showed the application of this principle. The principle is useful it plays an effective role in involving all the mem bers of the community in the development of the computer projects where all the members old and young have been involved in ensuring the success of the project by the knowledgeable sharing their useful knowledge and the young teaching the old on how to use computers. The old here are the marginalized as far as computer usage is concerned. In order to pin down the underlying setbacks in ensuring community development of the Peake estate, Paolo first seeks to identify and ratify these setbacks. He does this by first recognizing the challenging barriers to effective and full participation in the whole process of community development. This he solves by realizing that there is a gap between the old and the young generation. To solve this problem, he brings out the fact that while the old have no skills in computer skills, but want to learn, the young have the skills and want an avenue to discharge their skills. This in turn creates a coincidence of interest which then he uses to ensure that the two groups work together (Putnam, 2000). Participation principles also call for the active participation in supporting the community in gainful acquisition of essential skills that enables the members of the community in actively participating in the community’s developmental endeavors. In our case here, the efforts for every member of the community to have knowledge in computer application demonstrates this. The knowledge acquired by the members of the community enables them in actively developing the computer project into an income generating investment. The contracts have enabled the community members to think broad and become innovative. They can look at a situation and determine the needs of the society and from then onwards they come up with community-based projects to be undertaken. The contracts have also lead to the creation of a better working environment for environs through the development of infrastructure therefore enabling the community members to enga ge in income generating ventures, which will support them and enable them to maintain their standard of living. Participation of the community member in the subprojects created a sense of ownership among the members thus creating sustainability of the project even in later years. This is quite a positive move in the right direction. It creates some form of ownership and acceptance. This is especially true when the whole process is open and accountable and recognizes merit. The above phenomenon has been achieved through the development of social structures that has enabled effective community participation in the development process. The above-mentioned social structures involve the integration of the various cultures in community unity. The structures in our case of Peake estate have been built by ensuring cultural linkages, generational unity and the building of a spirit of hard work and efficiency among all the community members. The building of the above social structures is base d on the sharing of good practices among the community members and this ensures that they learn from one another, like evidenced by the development of the computer project (Kenny, 2011). In achieving success in community development, all or most of the principles of community development should be taken into consideration. However, a deep look in our community development case study, we realize that a number of principles do not get application. On note, here is the principle of reflective practice. Even though the community contracting has so many successes, it has failed in certain aspects. It is unreasonable to allocate tasks to groups that do not have prior experience on a particular field. This results to poor judgment on what needs to be done and poor implementation of the project. As a result, there is an increase in wastage resource. Secondly, community contracting is community based and cannot be used to implement change on a nationwide basis as a result this pulls back dev elopment in that particular community. This principle aims at supporting and promoting collective and individual learning through practice and reflection. In our case study, the changing of practice is not in response to reflection outcome. It is highly based on the need to quickly escape from lack of employment, eradicate crime and be able to educate the children. The outcome of the projects initiated is not reflected on the outcome. Reflective practice principle can be used in community development by enabling the community members and the community developers in establishing the constraints facing the community development process. Like mentioned here above, such a principle will enable the community developers and the community at large in establishing the likely problem facing the development project such as lack of funds or the computers (Lenski, 1974). In our earlier definition of the term community, we defined it as a group of people who have one thing in common. This common factor like we started by seeing could be based on the interest and goals that the said group of people pursue. As such, this group of people then works together for a common goal as an organized society. The above definition when weighed against our case study of the Peake state community seems to augment well. The Peake estate community through its working of the computer project and its aim of eradicating crime and poverty shows all the characteristics of an organized community. Community development as a whole involves a wide range of area to study. The study of community development can be studied in the view of its role in achieving social equity, reducing crime or achieving social economic advancement. In this regard therefore, a further study should be made in order to establish the various areas in the community that can be advanced for the development of the said community. This could involve the role played by community development in achieving the overall national devel opment. Community development should be viewed in the right of how different communities can relate with each other in achieving combined development in their various aspects of their lives. In this regard, the Peake estate in collaboration with other surrounding communities should work to reduce crime collectively, promote education for their children as well as come up with projects that can improve their economic standards (Kenny, 2011). Reference List Christensen, K. et al. (2003) Encyclopedia of Community. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Effland, R. (1998) The Cultural Evolution of Civilizations. London: Mesa Community College. Julian, B. (2000) Community Development Principles and Practical Actions. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Kenny, S. (2011) Developing Communities for the Future: Community Development in Australia. Australia: Thomas Nelson. Lenski, G. (1974) Human Societies: An Introduction to Macrosociology. New York: McGraw- Hill, Inc. Putnam, D. (2000) The Collapse and Revival of American Community. New York: Routledge. Putnam, R. D. (2000) Bowling Alone: The collapse and revival of American community. New York: Simon and Schuster. This essay on Case Study: Community Development Principles, Practices and Understandings was written and submitted by user D1m1tr1 to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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How similar were the reasons f essays

How similar were the reasons f essays How similar were the reasons for the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and the events in Czechoslovakia in 1968 The uprising in Hungary originally began because of Khrushchevs Destalinisation policies. The Hungarian government had not implemented any of these reforms and the people began to protest. The Government was currently run by a man named Gero. His government could not handle the violence that was resulting from these protests, the soviet tanks were forced to retreat from Budapest and the pressure on Gero only grew. Eventually Gero was forced to leave his place of leadership because of pressure from the soviet government, he was replaced by Nagy; Nagy was a moderate communist and began to implement reforms. The events in Czechoslovakia began in very much the same way. The leader of the government at the time was Novonty, Novotny became leader in 1957. Novotny's government had refused to implement any reforms. This upset much of the public and those in the government who supported the reforms policy. In 1963 after many years of pressure from the public and reformists in the government Novotny finally resigned his position. Novotny was replaced By a more moderate communist Anthony Dubcek. Dubcek was also quite open to the idea of reforms and more freedoms for the people. These two situations are quite similar only the later Czechoslovakian rising did not feature many protests or violence. However both had the opposition to government and eventual resignation of hard line rulers replaced by moderate communists. The opposition to the attitudes of the Government was strongly felt but because of censorship policies could not be openly voiced. The resignation of Novotny took a lot longer than Gero because the people did not have violent protests or demonstrations. Having seen the riots and increasing violence of the Hungarians during the reign of Gero Nagy knew that he would have to offer a lot of reforms or at...

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Chapter Four Reading Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Chapter Four Reading Response - Assignment Example t of Egypt whereas Ashoka fought for power and control in India in addition to devotion in Buddhism and imperial religion (Wilkins, Schultz and Linduff 94). I responded negatively to the Arch of Titus, Rome. This was marble over concrete core commissioned by Titus (Wilkins, Schultz and Linduff 95). Additionally, I responded negatively to Flora from the Villa of Arianna at Castellammare di Stabia. This is given that, they both symbolize inconsequential meanings, for example, the Flora signified silk garments that men should not define themselves with and the Arch of Titus represented the suppression of the Jewish movement and flattering control over Jerusalem. I would like to learn more about the Buddhist Monument specifically the Great Stupa at Sanchi. This is considering that I admired the extensive value of this piece of art and its religious significance. I find it simply out of the ordinary piece of arts. How was it possible to preserve the religious value of the Great Stupa at Sanchi from the prehistoric times in early Buddhism to the present day? Finding answers to this question, entails carrying out research which include, consulting art experts and searching the library data base of ancient arts and